1. NZ Champion surfers for instructors who are internationally qualified.
  2. Better learning techniques for beginners and professional surfers.
  3. Better knowledge of Piha Beach so you have the best surfing experience.
  4. Piha Beach is the safest and most beautiful beach on Auckland's west coast.
  5. We have smaller classes so you improve faster.

Piha Surfing Forecast. (17th-18th June)

Our instructor with French children at the World Champs.

High tide this Saturday is at 3.30pm and on Sunday at 4.30pm.

We have a 2 metre swell this weekend and a very good forecast for advanced surfers due to light offshore winds. The afternoon high tides mean the best times for beginner and intermediate surfers will be from 12 noon until dark both days. Please contact Piha Surf School to know the best places at the beach for your ability.
Tip:Winter is a great time to improve your technique. We have good quality wetsuits so that you stay warm during your lesson.

Australia's Matt Wilkonson Wins In Fiji.

Matt Wilkinson on his way to first in Fiji.

Matt Wilkinson defeated fellow Australian, Connor O'Leary, to secure first place at the Outerknown Pro.

His win has seen Wilkinson rise to the top of the World Title ratings after 5 events and has seen the leader board close up with 6 surfers all sitting within 400 points of each other. The world's best surfers now travel to South Africa to compete in the J-Bay Pro in early July.

Piha Beach Weekend Surf Forecast. (20th-21st May)

Reform waves are smaller fun waves in close to the beach.

High tides: Saturday 5.30pm and Sunday 6.17pm.

The swell will be large this weekend with southwest wind which isn't great for advanced surfers, but for beginner and intermediate surfers there will be great reform waves on the inside that are perfect for improving technique and getting long fun rides.

Tip:Piha Surf School instructors know Piha Beach well and will take you to an area where you can catch 30 waves and improve faster.

Piha Surf School Instructor Is Selected for 2017 NZ Surf Team.

Zen surfing in the 2017 National Champs. Photo Cory Scott

Our leading instructor, Zen Wallis, will compete for New Zealand at the 2017 World Champs in France.

The International Surfing Association hold the World Surfing Games each year at different top surf breaks around the world. Zen has been a constant member of differing New Zealand teams over the last several years placing inside the top 20 surfers at a World champs event in Peru in 2013. Last year Zen helped the New Zealand team gain a Copper Medal in the relay event.

Be Aware Of Imitators.

One of our instructors competing at the highest level. Photo:Norrie Montegomery

Piha Surf School was established 15 years ago and has coached many surfers who have gone on to win National Titles or represent NZ.

Be aware of surf schools that have recently been set up that use visiting backpackers as instructors. Local knowledge is very important at Piha Beach and our instructors are not only long term residents and surfers, but have also achieved to the highest level of National competition surfing. Please check our Facebook page for more information and regular updates.

Piha Surf Forecast. (19th-20th November)

Cybelle (8 years) enjoying after school lessons.

More 2 metre swell this weekend with high tides at 2.05pm on Saturday and 3.05pm on Sunday.

Due to the onshore wind pattern we are in that is typical to this time of year, the surf at Piha suits beginner and intermediate surfers more than advanced surfers. The best time to surf will be between 10.30am and 5pm both days.

Tip:This is a good time of year to do some cross training. Either on land or in the swimming pool. Piha Surf School instructors have a range of exercises that will both strengthen and quicken your techniques so you improve faster next time you go surfing.

The Peahi Challenge Is Won With A 10 Point Ride.

Hawaii's Billy Kemper winning the latest big wave event.

The Big Wave world tour circuit went to Hawaii and found 30 foot (10 metre) waves to compete in.

Billy Kemper, competing at his home on Maui, retained his 2015 title despite strong competition from the two top big wave surfers in the world. Greg Long had jumped out to a strong lead in the final of the Peahi Challenge before current ratings leader, Grant Baker (ZAF), came back with an excellent 8 point ride. Billy Kemper over took both surfers with a massive 10 point tube ride which won him the event and has taken him to 4th place on the 2016 Big Wave Tour.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast. (5th-6th November)

Even when the surf is big in the outside bay, Piha Surf School will find you great waves to learn in.

High tides: Saturday 2pm and Sunday 2.55pm.

We have a 2 metre swell running and onshore winds this weekend so the best place to surf will be on the inside reforms between 10am and 5pm each day.

Tip:Contact a Piha Surf School instructor to find out where the best reforms are. Their daily knowledge of Piha Beach is second to none and they will help you improve your surfing quickly.

The Men's 2016 World Title Has Been Decided In Portugal.

John John Florence winning in Portugal.

With one event still to go, Hawaii's John John Florence has won the 2016 World Title after making the final at the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal making it impossible for any of his rivals to over take his points lead in the World Title race.

With the World Title decided, the top men surfers in the world will now travel to Hawaii to compete in the Triple Crown of Surfing which will finish with the most prestigious contest of the year at the Pipeline Masters on Oahu's North Shore.

Weekend Surf Forecast for Piha Beach. (15th and 16th October)

Get coached by a NZ champion surfer who knows Piha Beach.

The high tides are at 9.50am on Saturday and 10.30am on Sunday.
This weekend we have an increase in swell forecast which will reduce options for advanced surfers. For beginners and intermediates there will still be good reform waves from dawn until 1.30pm each day and from 6.30pm again in the evening. There will be a 2 metre swell with light to moderate southwest winds, which means Piha will be the most sheltered beach on Auckland's west coast.

Tip:For school children wanting to learn or improve their surfing, we are running lessons at 4.30pm daily. Our instructors are highly experienced in Piha surf and know where the best surf is for every ability.

Australia's Tyler Wright Wins 2016 Women's World Surfing Title.

Tyler Wright competing at the 2016 Roxy Pro in France.

Three time World Champ, Carissa Moore wins in France but Tyler Wright wins World Title.

When Carissa Moore (Hawaii), defeated Courtney Conlogue (USA), who was the only other contender left in the world title race, in the semi finals of the Roxy Pro, 23 year old Tyler Wrights dream to be World Champ became reality. Tyler went on to finish the event in 2nd place which, with her 4 previous wins this year, confirmed her place as the best woman surfer in the world for 2016.

Australia's Tyler Wright Wins Her 4th World Tour Event.

Tyler Wright in action during the final of the Swatch Pro.

Tyler Wright has taken an almost unassailable lead in the 2016 Women's World Title race.

After beating 6 times World Champ, Stephanie Gilmore, in the final of the Swatch Women's Pro at Trestles in Southern California, Tyler Wright now has a commanding lead over her closest rivals, Courtney Conlogue (USA), and Carissa Moore(Haw). Conlogue and Moore would now have to win multiple finals in the last three events to have a chance of preventing 23 year old Wright from being crowned 2016 Women's World Champion.

Piha Surf Forecast For This Weekend. (10th/11th September)

Spring colours at Piha Beach.

This weekend's high tides are at 4pm on Saturday and 5.15pm on Sunday.
There will be light southerlie winds for both days although tending southeast for a period on Sunday morning creating optimum conditons. For the early birds, the dawn surfs should be good but both afternoons will provide great opportunity as the tide comes in and the swell settles down to 1 - 1.5 metres. There may even be some fun peaks at North Piha on Sunday afternoon.
Tip:To keep warm, run down the beach and run hard on the spot before you enter the water. After your surf, try a sprint up to the car park.

Contenders For The 2016 World Surfing Champions Are In Action.

Women's ratings leader, Tyler Wright, showing her skill.

The world's best surfers have begun the men's Hurley Pro and the women's Swatch Pro at Trestles Point in Southern California.

With two contests to come for the women and 3 for the men, the contenders to be 2016 World Champion are starting to emerge. On the women's side are Tyler Wright (Aus), Courtney Conlogue (USA) and Carissa Moore (Haw), while on the men's side, John John Florence (Haw), leads the ratings, with Gabriel Medina (Bra), and Matt Wilkinson in 2nd and 3rd position.

For Beginners, Or Students Wanting To Become Champions.

Learn how to catch good waves in a crowded lineup.

Piha Surf School instructors have competed at the highest level.
This means we can improve your surfing quickly whether you are a first time surfer or have surfed for 15 years. We are Piha's original surf school and have the experience to take you to the best part of the beach where you will learn the most and be the safest.
Tip:Be aware of surf schools that have been recently set up in Piha that have inexperienced instructors and make false claims. To find out more go to the Piha Surf School Facebook page or email info@pihasurfschool.com .

Piha Beach Surf Forecast. Queen's Birthday Weekend. (4th-6th June)

Piha Surf Instructor showing good technique.

High tides: Saturday 9am, Sunday 9.45am and Monday 10.30am.
With perfect light offshore winds and a 1.5 metre swell all weekend, there is good reason to celebrate the start of winter. For beginner and intermediate surfers the waves will be best from dawn through until 12 noon each day in the centre of Piha Beach. For advanced surfers the waves will be world class all day long just depending on whether you choose Piha or North Piha Beaches..
Tip:It might be a great weekend for advanced surfers to branch out and try Karekare Beach or Anawhata Beach. They are not as consistent as Piha but when they are on they can be very good.

Beginner Lessons - Learn Faster.

First time surfers enjoy small classes with top instructors.

Learn to surf quickly and with confidence in a small group or in a private lesson.

We have smaller numbers in our group lessons so that you are safer and learn more during your lesson. A smaller group means you catch more waves and can get more direct feedback from your instructor throughout your time in the water. We have unique learning techniques that ensure you learn a perfect style right from your first experience. Group lessons are run at Piha Beach daily.

Kelly Slater Invites Top Surfers To Try His Wave Pool.

Kelly Slater still leads the world.

Eleven times World Surfing Champ, Kelly Slater is still taking surfing to new levels.
USA's Kelly Slater has been consistently the best surfer in the world for 25 years and is now leading the sport out of the world's oceans. In California he has helped develop a wave pool that is blowing other top surfers minds. His wave pool is opening pathways for surfing to feature in major future events like the X Games or even the Olympics. There have been several other wave pools built around the world but none are of the size or quality of what Kelly Slater has unvieled.

Holiday Program Surfing.

Piha Surf School has been running holiday programs for school aged children for the last 15 years.

Children who attend our holiday programs can improve their surfing remarkably through video analysis.

Our instructors know how to teach perfect technique and how to take the right approach to a wave in a wide variety of conditions. Ask now for a program to help your child make the most progress possible through the winter months.

See our latest video here from the April school holidays.

Surf Forecast For Piha Beach. 16th and 17th April.

Our students compete regularly in club contests.

High tides for this weekend are at dawn and dusk on both Saturday and Sunday.
We have great waves forecast for this weekend with a moderate 1.5 metre swell and light offshore winds. This means the potential for world class waves for advanced surfers while beginner and intermediate surfers will get the best results between dawn and 9.30am and from 2pm until dark on both days.
Tip:Lion Rock Boardriders Club is based at Piha and run regular contests and events for its members. To find out more go to the Lion Rock Boardriders Club Facebook page or email info@pihasurfschool.com .

The 2016 WSL World Title Race Heats Up.

Women's ratings leader, Courtney Conlogue winning in W.A.

The changing of the guard has begun in world surfing with Matt Wilkinson (Aust) and Courtney Conlogue (USA) leading after the first 2 events.

2016 has brought about the biggest change to World Title surfing for over 15 years with higher levels of performance and the emergence of a large younger class of surfer at the top of the ratings. Matt Wilkinson has won two from two events in the men's while Courtney Conlogue has placed 1st and 2nd in the women's events. Both surfers are looking strong as the 3rd event at Margaret River in Western Australia, goes into the final rounds.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast. 9th and 10th April.

Your instructor will find you the best waves available.

On Saturday 9th July, high tide is at 11am and on Sunday 10th July at 11.45am.
The wind this weekend will be light onshore which shouldn't negatively affect the quality of the surf. On Saturday the swell is still 2m which means the reform waves in front of the Surf Club will be best for beginner and intermediate surfers from 8am to 3pm, while on Sunday, the swell drops to 1.5m which will mean there should be great waves for all surfers right through all tides.
Tip: Choosing the right wave for your ability will help you improve faster. Ask your Piha Surf School instructor how to select the best waves in the conditions on offer.

Surf Forecast for Piha Beach this weekend. 2nd/3rd April.

Our instructor winning another title at the 2016 South Island Champs.

High tide this Saturday (2nd April) will be at 6.00pm and on Sunday (3rd April), at dawn and 5.45pm.
We have offshore wind on Saturday morning before the wind turns to light onshore for the rest of the weekend. The best time to surf each day will be from dawn until 9am each morning and from 2pm each afternoon. For beginners and intermediate surfers the safest area will be between the Piha Surf Club and Lion Rock. For advanced surfers there may still be some high quality waves out on the outside bar through the low tide.
Tip:This weekend is the end of daylight saving so remember to put your clocks back and enjoy an extra hour sleep on Saturday night.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast for 19th/20th March.

Afternoons at Piha Beach can be very special.

High tides this Saturday are at 8.05am and 8.20pm. On Sunday high tide will be at 7.50am.
We have more offshore winds and small swell again this weekend. The best times to surf will be up until 11am both mornings and from 4.30pm in the afternoon. With the drop in swell on Sunday it may be time to take out a slightly bigger board and work on perfecting technique. North Piha could again have some very good peaks, especially on Sunday with the reduced swell.
Tip:With moderate to strong offshore winds be careful to cover your head if you fall off in case your board is blown back at you.

Australia's Matt Wilkinson Wins First CT Event Of 2016.

Matt Wilkinson's defeated the world's best surfers.

Matt Wilkinson defeated Kelohe Andino (USA) in the final of the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks on Australia's Gold Coast.
In the first event of the 2016 Championship Tour, Matt Wilkinson defeated 11 times World Champ, Kelly Slater, Brazilian wonder kid, Filippe Toledo and 2015 World Champ, Adriano de Souza twice, on his path to be the 2016 Quiksilver Pro champ. Wilkinson will now go into the 2nd event at Melbourne's Bells Beach wearing the yellow 'leader's rashshirt' looking to further his great start to the year.

Surf Forecast At Piha Beach. (12th/13th March 2016)

French Youtube star, Lea Camilleri surfing with Piha Surf School.

High tide on Saturday (12th) is at 1.05pm and on Sunday at 1.50pm.
More great waves are forecast for this weekend with a deminishing 2 metre swell and perfect offshore winds. For beginner surfers the best times to surf will be between 9am and 5pm in front of the Piha Surf Lifesaving Club while intermediate and advanced surfers will enjoy some very good rides along North Piha Beach over the high tide period.
Tip:Hand positioning can help keep your balance, and speed up, but it can also assist you to flow from one turn to another so that you surf your wave efficiently and gracefully. Ask one of our instructors for advice on how to keep your hands in positions that help you surf better, faster.

Piha Beach Weekend Surf Forecast. (5th/6th March 2016)

Oliver surfing with perfect technique after 4 lessons.

High tides this weekend are: Saturday 7.20am and 8pm. Sunday 8.25pm.
We have a great forecast for this weekend. The swell is 1 - 1.5 metres and the wind light offshore in the morning and then light seabreezes during the day. Due to the early afternoon low tides, the best time for beginner and intermediate surfers will be from dawn until 11am and then again from 4pm until dark. For advanced surfers they should find some world class waves along North Piha Beach each morning and evening.
Tip:It's time to re-wax your board so it is lighter and cleaner as we go into autumn. We use Sticky Johnson Warm Water Wax at this time of year to get maximum grip and for easy application. Ask your Piha Surf School instructor how to remove old wax.

Surf Forecast at Piha Beach for this weekend. (13th and 14th February)

Alex has been surfing for 2 years and with the help of Piha Surf School makes turns like this.

High tide on Saturday is at 2.15pm and on Sunday at 3.10.
We have a great forecast for this weekend with more offshore winds and a moderate 1 - 1.5 metre swell. Beginners and intermediate surfers will have fun waves from 10.30am through to 7pm both days with the area between the Piha Surf Lifesaving Club and Lion Rock being best. For advanced surfers and high end intermediate surfers, there will be some world class waves along North Piha Beach.
Tip:Piha Surf School is the original Piha based surf school. It was established in 2001 and has coached many surfers who have gone on to represent New Zealand. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your surfing.

Kelly Slater Wins Again at Pipeline.

Kelly Slater has won his 10th contest at Hawaii's famous Pipeline. Photo:WSL

Kelly Slater has won the first big contest of the 2016 season by taking out the Volcom Pipe Pro in Hawaii.

Kelly Slater has won 7 Pipeline Masters events and now backs that up with his 3rd Volcom Pipe Pro win to confirm he is the most dominant surfer at the world's premiere contest location over a 25 year period. He won his first major contest at Pipeline which is a deadly break on Oahu's North Shore, in 1992. He has also won 11 World Titles during the same period and the surfing world will now watch to see what the 43 year old Floridian can achieve in 2016.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast for this weekend. (23rd and 24th January)

Get your child coached by professional surf coaches who can teach a seven year old to surf like this.

High tide this Saturday is at 10.15am and on Sunday at 10.55am.
The surf forecast for this weekend is brilliant for all levels of surfer. Fine days and light offshore winds will ensure advanced surfers will find plenty of spots to make the most of the favourable 1.5 metre swell. For beginner and intermediate surfers the best times to surf will be from dawn until 1pm and then from 4.30pm until dark. There are currently some excellent places to train in safe areas free of rips or current.
Tip:Improving your technique will increase your success in the waves. Speak to one of our instructors to find out how to surf better, faster.

Piha Surf School Instructor Wins NZ Surfing Title.

Zen Wallis surfing to first place at the 2016 NZ Surfing Champs in Dunedin. Photo: Mark Stevenson

Piha Surf School owner/operator Zen Wallis has just won a second National Surfing Title in the Open Longboard Division.This, added to him being the current Auckland shortboard champion, and having represented New Zealand 4 times durfing the last 5 years makes Zen one of the best all round surfers in the country. His technical approach and competitive knowledge helps him also be one of New Zealand's top surf coaches for surfers of all levels. To book a lesson with Zen or to learn in the same fashion that has made Zen a champion surfer, email info@pihasurfschool.com and let us help you surf better, faster, safer.

Surf Forecast for Piha Beach. (16th and 17th January)

Piha Surf School specialises in first time beginner lessons.

High tide on Saturday is at 3.30pm and on Sunday at 4.45am.
The wind this weekend will be perfect offshore with north easterlies that are light on Saturday but increase to 20 knots on Sunday. The best times for beginner and intermediate surfers will be from 12 noon until 7pm. For advanced surfers there will be great waves all day aside of the dead low tide between 8am and noon.Email now to find out where the best places to surf will be.
Tip: With strong offshore winds, surfers have to be extra careful and watch for their board blowing back at them after their ride. Ask your instructor to show you the best way to prevent this.

Can your instructor surf like this?

Get coached by a champion surfer who knows the best places to surf at Piha Beach.

Auckland's west coast has great waves for learning to surf in an area free of rips or currents. Our instructors are internationally qualified, lifeguard trained and have achieved to the highest level in NZ competitive surfing. With unique techniques we will help you catch more waves and stand up more often so that you have more fun during your lesson.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast for this weekend. (26th and 27th December)

Piha Surf School instructor, Zen Wallis, developed his surfing at Piha and has competed at a number of World Surfing Champs.

High tide this Saturday is at 11.12am and on Sunday at 11.55am.
We have a great forecast for this weekend with light winds and a 1.5m swell. Advanced surfers will find some good rides all day on both days while beginner and intermediate surfers will find their best conditions will be between 7.30am and 2pm.
Tip: We currently have some fun sand banks at Piha which does mean some unique rips. Please check for landmarks on the foreshore so you can be aware if you are drifting away from the area you want to surf in. Please remember to extend some Christmas cheer to your fellow surfer and have fun.

Learn to surf with New Zealand's top instructors at Piha Beach.

Camilla Andersen learns to surf at Piha Surf School.

Leading Piha Surf School instructor, Zen Wallis teaches Camilla Andersen to surf. Zen has coached people of all ages and from all over the world. He is a top competitive surfer having won a National Surfing Title and represented New Zealand several times in both shortboard and longboard divisions. He is also the 2015 Auckland Surfing Champ. Camilla is an Auckland born travel presenter who is quite famous in the United Kingdom and Europe. This video is part of a series where she returns to New Zealand to film features on our top tourism activities for The Travel Channel.

Surfing Lessons For Surfers Of All Levels.

Ask about our training programs for school age children.

Piha Surf School have holiday programs for students but we are also doing surfing lessons for beginners and all other level surfers on a daily basis.
Piha Surf School is the original surf school based in Piha and have instructors who are long term residents who have achieved in surfing to the highest level nationally. Our leading instructor has also represented New Zealand 4 times in the last 5 years at ISA World Surfing Champs placing inside the top 20 in 2013. We know the beach best and know when to surf and where. We also have specialist training techniques that will ensure you really learn to surf better, faster and safer.

Adriano de Souza Wins 2015 World Surfing Title.

Adriano de Souza's consistency wins 2015 World Title.

Brazil surfers go back to back winning both the 2014 and 2015 Opem Men's World Titles confirming Brazil as a power house in world surfing.

After entering the final event of the Men's World Title tour in 3rd place on the rankings Adriano de Souza needed fellow Brazilian, Felipe Toledo, to fall in the 3rd round and 3 times World Champ, Mick Fanning, to exit the Pipe Masters Contest in the semi finals to confirm Andriano as the top surfer in the world for 2015. In his victory speech he spoke of starting out on a surfboard his brother bought for $7.00.

Surf Forecast For Piha Beach This Weekend (19th/20th December)

Pipeline in Hawaii will decide the 2015 Men's World Surfing Champ.

High tide this Saturday will be at 5.14pm on and Sunday at 6.20pm.
We have late afternoon high tides this weekend which leads to great sunsets after your lesson. For beginner and intermediate surfers there is the possibility for fun waves from dawn until 8am but then the best conditions will be from 2pm until dark both days. For advanced surfers the best waves will be for the 4 hours either side of the low tide out on the outside bar. Don't be deceived by the moderate onshore winds because the sand at Piha is great right now and you will get some fun Christmas week waves.
Tip:Lesson gift vouchers are great presents that will remembered for years after they have been received.

Surf Report - Piha Beach (5th/6th December)

Hawaii's Carissa Moore winning her 3rd World Title. (Thursday 3rd Dec.)

Saturday's high tides are at 6am and 6.30pm. Sunday it will be 7am and 7.20am.
After a week of epic offshore surf we are back to south west/west winds and 1.5 to 2m swell. That means reform waves for beginner and intermediate surfers from dawn until 9am and from 3pm until dark. Advanced surfers may get lucky on the mid to low tide out on the Bar.
Tip:With Christmas fast looming, Piha Surf School is offering a week long intensive for school aged children from 14th-18th December Gift vouchers are available as the perfect gift for people who like to be active and healthy.

2015 Auckland Surfing Champs. Saturday 28th November.

Piha Surf School instructor wins 2015 Auckland Surfing title.

Piha Surf School instructor, Zen Wallis, wins the 2015 Auckland Shortboard and Longboard Surfing Titles.

The 2015 Auckland Surfing Champs is an event with 40 years history and was held this year in epic 2 metre waves. Zen won all his heats throughout the contest but clinched the final of the Open Men's division in a close tussle with fellow Piha Surf School surfer, Tane. Zen proved his all round surfing ability by convincingly winning the Longboard division earlier in the day.

Surf Forecast For Piha Beach (28th/29th November)

Some of Les Mills International Business Managers warming up before their lesson last week.

High tide on Saturday 28th November is at 12 noon and on Sunday 29th, at 12.55pm.
We have a 2 metre swell running on both days and north to northwest winds on Saturday and then more favourable southerlie winds on Sunday. It will be best for beginner and intermediate surfers in the reforms between 8am and 3pm both days. For advanced surfers they may get some really fun waves on the Bar either side of low tide.
Tip:Lesson gift vouchers are great presents that will remembered for years after they have been received. For advice on boards, conditions or when it is best to surf during the week, contact a Piha Surf School instructor.

The 2015 Hawaii Season Is About To Begin.

Mick Fanning surfing Pipeline (Hawaii) showing why he is rated No. 1 surfer in the world.

The world's best surfers are in Hawaii for the final stage of the 2015 Contest Season.

With three contests left in the Men's World Title race and Qualifying Series, and one contest left for the Women's World Title race, all focus is now on the incredible waves in Hawaii. Who will rise to the top of Men's and Women's surfing for 2015, and who will qualify to compete for the Men's World Title in 2016. This is the most exciting time of the year for international surfing.

Piha Surf Forecast (Weekend of 14th/15th November)

Perfect technique leads to perfect results.

Saturday's high tide is at 12 noon and Sunday's is at 12.45pm.
There will be warm northwest winds this weekend and a diminishing 1.5m swell so there will be great opportunities for intermediate and beginner surfers to get out and catch some fun waves. The onshore winds will limit opportunity for advanced surfers although there may be the chance of some waves at the north end of North Piha. Best time to surf will be between 9am and 3.30pm each day.
Tip:A Piha Surf School Lesson Gift Voucher is gift of skills a person will have for the rest of their lives.

Surfing Forecast for Piha Beach. (31st October and 1st November)

Piha Surf School surfer, Tane Wallis, showing correct technique on a bottom turn.

High tide this Saturday is at 1.10pm and on Sunday at 2.00pm.
This weekend we have a great forecast with great waves for all levels of surfer. The best time for beginners and intemediate surfers will be from 9am to 4pm both days in the reform waves below the Piha Surf Club. On Saturday morning advanced surfers may find some special waves on the outside bar.
Tip:Take the pressure out of choosing the right present for those you care about and give them something that will help them stay fit in the most exciting way. Email now to buy a Surf Lesson Voucher and relax this Christmas.

Hawaii's Carissa Moore Heads The Women's 2015 World Title Rankings.

Carissa Moore surfing through to the Semi-finals at the Quiksilver Pro in France.

By making the Semi Finals in France, Carissa Moore has taken the World Title lead before the final event at Honolua Bay in Hawaii.
With one event to go and being the defending Champion from last year's Hawaiian event, Carissa Moore is now the favourite to win the 2015 Women's World Surfing Title. If she does it will be her 3rd World Title having won titles already in both 2011 and 2013. Six times World Champ and 2014 winner, Stephanie Gilmore will not be a contender this year due to missing events due to injury.

Surf Forecast - Piha Beach, New Zealand. (October 3rd/4th.)

Offshore winds have produced epic waves at Piha this week.

Saturday's high tide is at 2.20pm and on Sunday at 3.20pm.
After a stunning week of weather and surf we will back in the reform waves this weekend due to a 3 metre swell passing up the coast. Thankfully, Piha is the safest beach on Auckland's west coast and always has areas to train or learn to surf that are very safe and that produce even and consistent waves. The best time to surf will be from 11am through until 5pm on both days.
Tip:There will be some great waves for beginners in some not so obvious places so ask your Piha Surf School instructor for more details.

Piha Surf Forecast for this weekend. Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September.

Lion Rock creates a sheltered bay that makes Piha the safest beach to learn to surf on Auckland's west coast.

High tide this Saturday is at 8am and on Sunday at 10.50am.
With morning high tides, a 1.5m swell and offshore winds, we have optimum conditions forecast for Piha this weekend. The best place for beginner surfers will be in front of the surf club from dawn until 12 noon, while intermediate surfers will find some small reform right handers in The Cove. Advanced surfers should be able to enjoy some waves on the outside bar.
Tip:Remember to turn your clocks forward an hour on Saturday night.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast for this weekend.

Piha has some great reforms for beginners.

High tide this Saturday (19th Sept.) is at 1.10pm and on Sunday (20th Nov.) at 2pm.
With more onshore winds and 2 metres of swell, we'll be surfing in the reforms this weekend. The best time will be from 10am until 4.30pm. The safest and best place to surf will be in front of the Piha Surf Lifesaving Club. If you are a beginner please keep at least 50 metres from Lion Rock at all times.
Tips:Surf on a board with slightly more volume and get a lesson with a Piha Surf School instructor to work on some drills to improve your technique now for when the waves get really good.

Surf Forecast for Piha Beach this weekend. (5th/6th September 2015)

Students from the NZ Institute of Sport learn to surf with Piha Surf School.

High tide this Saturday is at 2.40pm and on Sunday at 3.50pm.
We have offshore wind on Saturday morning turning onshore after lunch for the rest of the weekend. Luckily we have just a moderate swell and mid afternoon high tides which will provide fun reform waves for beginner and intermediate surfers from 11am through until dark each day. Advance surfers could get very lucky at Piha Beach on Saturday morning.
Tip:Use these weekends to get some extra technique practice in, and raise your fitness level before summer comes.

Surf Lessons at Piha this weekend. (22nd/23rd August)

Our instructor surfing the outside bar at Piha.

Saturday's high tide is at 2.35pm and on Sunday at 3.40pm.
We finally have a perfect forecast for this weekend with a 1.5m swell and perfect 10 knot offshore winds. For advanced surfers there is the potential for world class waves at North Piha Beach while beginner and intermediate surfers will have sunny perfect waves on the inside at Piha Beach from 10.30am through until 5.30pm both days.
Tip:It is time to put into practice all the technique work you have done. Please watch out for your board blowing back at you with the offshore winds when you finish your rides.

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