Piha Beach is the safest beach on Auckland's west coast and has great waves for learning to surf in an area free of rips or currents. Our instructors are internationally qualified, lifeguard trained and have achieved to the highest level in NZ competitive surfing. With unique techniques we will help you catch more waves and stand up more often so that you have more fun during your lesson.

We are a 'quality rather than quantity' surf school.
We have smaller classes so that you improve faster.

Learn to surf with New Zealand's top instructors at Piha Beach.

Camilla Andersen learns to surf at Piha Surf School.

Leading Piha Surf School instructor, Zen Wallis teaches Camilla Andersen to surf. Zen has coached people of all ages and from all over the world. He is a top competitive surfer having won a National Surfing Title and represented New Zealand several times in both shortboard and longboard divisions. He is also the 2013 Auckland Surfing Champ and is recognised as the fittest and most capable surfer in Piha waters. Camilla is an Auckland born travel presenter who is quite famous in the United Kingdom and Europe. In 2013 she returned to New Zealand to film features on our top tourism activities for The Travel Channel.

Easter Surf Forecast for Piha Beach. (18th to 21st April 2014)

Piha Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in the world.

High Tides - Friday 11.40am, Saturday 12.30pm, Sunday 1.20pm, Monday 2.20pm.
Friday and Saturday will be the best days for advanced surfers before a new 2 - 2.5m swell fills in on Sunday afternoon. Beginner and intermediate surfers will have great waves on Friday and Saturday from dawn until 2pm while on Saturday and Sunday there will be some fun reforms from 9am through until 3pm. The winds will be offshore on Friday, light onshore on Saturday and then moderate onshores Sunday and Monday.
Tip:Be patient and wait for a wave that suits your ability best to give yourself every chance to complete a successful ride.

Michel Bourez wins 2014 Margaret River Pro.

Tahitian surfer, Michel Bourez, showing the form that saw him beat the world's best.

Michel Bourez has risen to 4th place on the WCT 2014 rankings after winning in Western Australia.
The powerful Tahitian surfer beat 11 x World Champ, Kelly Slater, in the semi finals before going on to beat Josh Kerr (Aust), in the final. Brazilian surfer, Gabriel Medina, remains number one in the 2014 rankings while Joel Parkinson (Aust), who finished 5th after a close loss to Kelly Slater in the quarter finals, remains in the number two spot. Both Carissa Moore and Stephanie Gilmore share the top spot on the Women's World Rankings after two events. The third event begins this Wednesday at Bells Beach.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast. (12th/13th April 2014)

Piha Surf School coach surfing to 2nd in a major longboard contest. Photo Col/Surf2surf

Saturday's high tide is at 7.50am and on Sunday at 8.30am.
With a perfect sized 1 - 1.5 metre swell on both days, the surf should be good for surfers of all abilities, especially on Sunday when the wind turns offshore. There will be great waves for advanced surfers out on the bar come low tide while beginner and intermediate surfers will find fun waves from dawn to noon both days and from 4pm to dark.
Tip:Choose waves that have a little more water mass to them so that you get a ride to the beach rather than a wave that fades out on you.

Quarter Finals of Margaret River Pro to be decided on Sunday.

Brazilian surfer Miguel Pupo surfed to 9th place at The Box in Western Australia.

The 2nd event on the World Championship Tour will conclude on Sunday at noon, (NZ time).

The quarter finalists have been decided for the Margaret River Pro in Western Australia. Australia's Bede Durbidge will verse South African, Jordy Smith in Quarter 0ne. Brazil's Gabriel Medina will challenge Josh Kerr while in Quarter 3, Kelly Slater will come up against 2012 World Champ, Joel Parkinson. In the final quarter final, Californian Nat Young, will challenge Tahitian, Michel Bourez.

Surf Forecast for this Weekend. (5th/6th April 2014)

Students from the NZ Institute of Sport learn to surf with Piha Surf School.

High tide on both Saturday and Sunday is around 2pm due to the end of Daylight Saving.
The swell on Saturday will be 1m in the morning picking up to 1.5m late in the afternoon while on Sunday the forecast is for 2m waves. With light winds from the southerly quarter both days, there will be some very good waves at Piha all weekend. For beginners the best time will be from 10am through to 4pm, while intermediate and advanced surfers could see Piha Beach breaking at it's world class best on all tides.
Tip:Daylight saving ending means it will get light at 6am on Sunday morning.

5 Reasons to Choose Piha Surf School.

Get coached by a champion surfer who knows how to surf to the highest level.

Piha Surf School has:

1. NZ Champion surfers for instructors.
2. Better learning techniques.
3. Better knowledge of Piha Beach so that you get the best results for your money.
4. Better equipment so that you can progress from beginner to intermediate level faster.
5. Piha Beach is the safest beach on Auckland's west coast and due to consistent waves, is one of the best and most picturesque places in the world to learn to surf.

Piha Beach - Surf Forecast. (29th/30th March 2014)

Piha has waves for surfers of all abilities.

High tide this Saturday is at 8.40am and on Sunday at 9.20am.
We have a deminishing 1.5 metre swell over the weekend with very light onshore winds on Saturday and then early offshore winds tending cross-shore on Sunday. The best time to surf for beginners will be from first light through until noon on both days and then from 5pm to dark. Advanced surfers may find some world class waves both days especially mid-morning on Sunday.
Tip: Daylight saving ends next weekend so make the most of the fantastic conditions and surf at Piha this week.

Best Time To Surf At Piha This Weekend. (22nd/23rd March 2014)

Seven year old Will enjoying the fantastic conditions at Piha this week.

Saturday's high tide is at 2.15pm while Sunday's high will be at 2.50pm.
We have optimum conditions forecast for this weekend which will give great waves for beginners and intermediate surfers from 10am through until 5pm both afternoons. For advanced surfers we have world class waves on the outside bar that should create great rides all day.
Tip: Take a marker on the foreground at the beach and then a second marker behind it in the background so that you are aware of where you are surfing at all times and if there is any sideways current taking you away from the best area.

Surf Forecast for Piha Beach. (15th/16th March 2014)

The view from the outside bar at Piha Beach.

High tide is at 10am this Saturday and at 10.45am on Sunday.
With the varying forecasts due to the approaching cyclone, the best scenario is for the worst to hit Saturday night. There is the potential for world class waves for advanced and intermediate surfers both Saturday and Sunday mornings. By Sunday afternoon the wind will have gone onshore and the quality of waves will drop fast. For beginner surfers, dawn to lunch will also be the best time to surf.
Tips: With strong offshore winds, be aware of blow back after your ride. It is important to cover your face and head anytime you are under water or your board blows towards you.

Piha Beach - New Zealand.

Piha Surf School run lessons for all ages and abilities.

Piha Beach is the safest beach on Auckland's west coast.
Piha Beach has a number of surf breaks and areas that provide great surf for beginners through to advanced surfers. The northerly aspect of the beach provides better conditions and cleaner waves faces more often than other west coast beaches. The consistency of the Tasman Sea ensures there is always swell for beginners to learn to surf.

Piha Surf Forecast for the Weekend. (8th/9th March 2014)

We have development programs for surfers of all ages and all abilities.

High tide on Saturday is at 4pm while on Sunday it will be at 5pm.
The forecast for this weekend looks great with light south west seabreeze and a one metre swell. This means the surf will be safe for all abilities on all tides however beginners will find the easiest waves to ride from lunchtime until dark on both days. For intermediate surfers there could be some very nice waves early both mornings for around 2 hours in the cove area. Advanced surfers will be able to explore North Piha for good sand banks.
Tips:When the surf is smaller, experiment with your equipment. A change in board or foot positioning could help you make a major breakthrough.

Piha Beach Surf Lessons.

Video Analysis helps advanced and intermediate surfers improve faster.

Learn to improve your technique quickly for better results and more fun.
Piha Beach has a number of surf breaks and areas that provide great surf for beginners through to advanced surfers. The northerly aspect of the beach provides better conditions and cleaner waves faces more often than other west coast beaches. The consistency of the Tasman Sea ensures there is always swell for beginners to learn to surf.Contact your Piha Surf School instructor for more information.

Surfing at Piha this weekend. (22nd/23rd February 2014)

Piha Surf School do lessons for corporate groups like the EBoss team above.

High tide on Saturday 22nd February will be at 4pm, and on Sunday at 5.20pm.
We have perfect conditions forecast for Saturday while Sunday will see the swell rise through the day from 1m to 1-5-2m and a shift of the wind back to the south westerly quarter. Saturday will provide good waves on all tides for beginner and intermediate surfers while advanced surfers should enjoy the slight rise in swell around lunch time. On Sunday the waves will be great for beginner surfers from 1pm onwards.
Tips: Wear plenty of sunblock. This is our hottest time of the year and if the sun is out, wear footwear down the beach. Our sand gets very hot! Please enjoy, have fun and be safe.

Surf Forecast for Piha. (16th/17th February 2014)

Great technique and good equipment helps Piha Surf School students have a higher success rate.

Saturday's high tide is at 11am and Sunday's high tide is at 11.35am.
The wind on Saturday is light onshore which should'nt disturb the faces too much while Sunday is forecast to have optimum offshore winds. There will be a 1 - 1.5m swell which should mean great waves for surfers of all abilities. For beginners and intermediate the best surf will be between 7am and 2.30pm both days while advanced surfers should find good waves on all tides.
Tip: Put some extra work into your jump up technique on dry land so that you improve your success rate in the water. A good jump up helps all other aspects of your ride.

Piha Beach Surfing Forecast - 8th/9th February 2014.

Piha Beach is one of the best beaches in the world to learn to surf.

High tide this Saturday is at 5am and 6pm and on Sunday at 6.30am and 7pm.
After a week of world class waves, we will have light onshore winds on Saturday morning with small 1m surf. This means the best time to surf will be before 10am and after 3pm on both days. Sunday has light southerly wind which is offshore out on the outside bar so we could have very good waves again for advanced surfers all day.
Tip: Look for the part of the beach where surfers of your ability are surfing and keep an eye out for changing tides and changing conditions. When in doubt ask for advice.

Kelly Slater wins back to back Pipeline Contests. 7th February 2014.

Kelly Slater surfing a perfect 10 point ride in the Volcom Pipe Pro in Hawaii.

Kelly Slater (41 years) proves emphatically that he is still the best surfer at Hawaii's famous Pipeline.
The waves at the Banzai Pipeline have always been the proving ground for the world's best surfers. At 41, Kelly Slater has proved that he is still the master of best surf in the world by winning both the Pipeline Masters last December, and now the Volcom Pipeline Pro today. To prove his expertise and fitness, he scored a perfect 10 and then two 9.7 rides in perfect big waves during his Round of 32 heat. The surfing world will now wait until next month to see if Kelly will compete for his 12th World Title in 2014.

Surf Forecast - Piha Beach - 1st and 2nd February 2014.

Jai, 9 years, working on his technique in bigger waves.

On Saturday the high tide is at 11.30am and at 12.30pm on Sunday.
There will be a 1.5 metre swell running this weekend with offshore winds so there will be great waves at Piha Beach on Saturday for most of the day while Sunday may give a chance for advanced and intermediate surfers to find good waves at North Piha and Karekare beaches. For beginner surfers the best time to surf will be from 9am through to 3pm on both days.
Tip: On Saturday the Piha Surf Lifesaving Club are hosting the 'Big Boat' contest so all beginner surfers should stay close to the south side of Lion Rock to be away from the competition.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast - 25th/26th January 2014.

When the surf is crowded always be aware of what other surfers are doing.

High Tide on Saturday is at 5.45pm and at 6.20am and 7pm on Sunday.
We have fantastic conditions forecast for this weekend with light to moderate offshore winds and high tide in both the morning and evening. For the early birds, there will be great waves up until 9am while advanced surfers will find good waves on the outside bar during the day with the low tide. For beginner and intermediate surfers the best conditions will be from 3pm each day until dark.
Tip: When conditions are crowded, be friendly and communicate with your fellow surfer when you are going for a wave so that they can turn for the next one. Please be polite.

Lion Rock Boardriders Club.

5, 6 and 7 year old children being shown the best place to surf by a Piha Surf School instructor.

Lion Rock Boardriders Club run events and contests for surfers of all ages. There is a contest series throughout summer for surfers from 5 years old to 20 years old. Lion Rock Boardriders Club members are also the current holders of the New Zealand Over 60's, Over 50's and Women's Over 30's titles. Piha Surf School helps train many of the children from Lion Rock Boardriders whether they surf competitively or recreationally. For more information contact lionrockbdrs@xtra.co.nz

Surf Lessons for all abilities.

Piha Surf School can structure lessons around the student's ability using years of experience with the local conditions.

Learning to surf can be one of the most natural and exhilerating activities.
When you book a lesson at Piha Surf School, your instuctor will quiz you on what experience you have and what you would like to get out of the lesson. Your instructor will then take you to the part of the beach that best suits your ability.

Auckland Surf Forecast - 11th/12th January 2014.

By learning perfect technique right from your first lesson you will improve much faster.

High Tides are at 7am and 7.30pm on Saturday and 8am and 8.30pm on Sunday.
This weekend we have light onshore winds and a 1.5m swell running. It means there will be good waves for beginners and intermediate surfers from dawn until 10am each morning and from 4pm to dark each evening. For advanced surfers there is the potential for great waves at Piha Beach on all tides.
Tip:Onshore winds mean you need to jump up and make turns a little sooner than offshore conditions.

Piha Weekend Surf Forecast - 28th/29th December 2013.

Piha Surf School has coached infants to 70 year olds. Pictured: Will (7 years) getting serious.

High Tides are at 7am and 7.30pm on Saturday and 7.50am and 8.20pm on Sunday.
Surf conditions for the last weekend in 2013 is forecast to be excellent. Offshore winds both days and two high tides a day will ensure beginner and intermediate surfers will have fantastic waves from dawn to 10.30am each day and from 4pm to dark both days. Advanced surfers will find great waves at all tides and may find some good peaks at the far end of North Piha Beach.
Tip:With offshore winds remember to slightly delay your get up so that you do not get held at the top of the wave by the wind.

Kelly Slater wins final contest of the 2013.

In an intense final with huge pressure, 11 times World Surfing Champ, Kelly Slater wins his 7th Pipe Masters trophy.

41 year old Kelly Slater may not have won his 12th World Title but he proved his dominance at Hawaii's premium contest, the Pipeline Masters Contest, by winning for the 7th time. Australia's Mick Fanning only had to make the Semi Final to secure the 2013 World Title but it did not put Kelly off proving he is still the greatest competition surfer of all time, especially in large perfect surf.

Surf Forecast - Piha Beach (21st/22nd December 2013)

Australian surfer, Mick Fanning, on his way to winning his third World Title at Hawaii's Pipeline last weekend.

High Tide on Saturday 21st December is at 1pm and on Sunday 22nd December at 1.45pm.
We have moderate onshore winds both Saturday and Sunday but with the early afternoon high tides, the best waves for beginners and intermediate surfers will be from 9am onwards in the centre of Piha Beach. Advanced surfers may find some fun sections on the outside bar on the mid tide around mid morning and mid afternoon and on the reform left hander that has been breaking on low tide.
Tip:Don't hesitate to ask your Piha Surf School instructor where the best places are to surf on the different tides.

Auckland Surf Forecast - Piha Beach - Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th December.

The final event of the World Championship Tour is underway in Hawaii.

The high tides on Saturday will be at 8.20am and 9pm. On Sunday at 9.10am.
We have a great weekend of surfing ahead with both morning and sunset high tides and light offshore to onshore winds. The best time for beginner and intermediate surfers will be from dawn until 10am and then from 6pm to dark both days. Advanced surfers will have great surf on all tides and will have some fun sand banks all along North Piha Beach
Tip:Learn how to control your surfboard so that you can keep yourself and other surfers on busy days, safe at all times. Speak to your Piha Surf School instructor for more info.

Piha Surf Forecast - This Weekend (7th / 9th December).

20 year old Hawaiian, Ezekiel Lau wins the 2nd event of the Hawaiian Triple Crown of Surfing.

High tide this Saturday will be at 1.50pm and on Sunday at 2.45pm.
On Saturday there is the chance for small offshore winds first thing in the morning before the wind turns onshore and the swell increases through the weekend. For beginner surfers the best time will be from 9am through until 3.30pm both days. For advanced and intermediate surfers, Saturday will be the better of the two days this weekend.
Tip:Ask your Piha Surf School instructor which part of the beach will be safest and give you the best results for your ability.

Piha Surf Forecast

Michel Bourez (Tahiti), winning the first contest in the Hawaiian Triple Crown with perfect technique in his bottom turns.

High Tides: Saturday 30th November 8.15am and 8.45pm. Sunday 1st December 9.05am and 9.30pm
Saturday has a small swell running so it will not be so suited for advanced surfers. For intermediate and beginner surfers the best time to surf will be from dawn until 10am and from 5pm onwards. The swell increases throughout Sunday so the best time to surf for advanced surfers will be early Sunday morning when they should find some fun waves in the centre of Piha Beach.
Tip: When you turn towards the beach to paddle for a wave, keep checking the wave over your shoulder to be sure you are still in the best take off spot.

Surfing Forecast - Piha Beach, New Zealand. (Weekend - 23rd/24th November 2013)

Piha Surf School instructor getting in the barrel in Hawaii.

High tide will be at 1.50pm on Saturday and 3pm on Sunday.
The forecast is for optimum conditions at Piha both days. With a 1.5m swell running and offshore winds, the waves will be fantastic for all levels of surfer. For advanced surfers North Piha will have a number of world class peaks while beginner and intermediate surfers will enjoy perfect waves at Piha Beach. The best time for surfing will be between 11am and 4pm both days
Tip:When the wind is offshore you have to paddle an extra couple of times to ensure you do not get held up by the wind.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast For This Weekend.

21 year old Hawaiian surfer, John John Florence is one of the top contenders when the Pipeline Masters contest begins early next month..

High Tides: Saturday 16th 9.30am. Sunday 17th 10.15am.
The mornng high tides mean the surf will be great for beginners and intermediate surfers from Dawn until noon. For advanced surfers the mid tide is providing the best waves on the outside bar. There will be light onshore windes which shouldn't affect the quality of the waves shape too much.
Tip:With onshore wind you need to jump to your feet just a fraction sooner than offshore waves.

Surf Forecast for Piha Beach - Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November.

Piha Surf School instructor, Zen Wallis, surfing Pipeline in Hawaii where the 2013 World Title will be decided in December.

High tide on Saturday will be at 3pm and on Sunday at 4.10pm
With yet another weekend of onshore winds the conditions suit beginner and intermediate surfers the most again with the best times for surfing from around 11am through until 5pm each day. There are reforms by Lion Rock but if you are not a competent paddler, stay in front of the surf club or on either side of the Lifeguard Patrol Flags. For advanced surfers there is a chance of waves on the outside bar around mid tide.
Tip:Take two markers on the beach so that you are aware where you are in the water at all times.

New Zealand's Ella Williams wins World Surfing Title.

Video highlights of the finals of the 2013 HD World Junior Surfing Champs.

18 year old Ella Williams from Whangamata is the 2013 Women's World Junior Champion.
The 2013 World Junior Champs were held at Joaquina Beach in Brazil and saw the best Under 21 men and women surfers in the world compete to be the 2013 Champions. Ella Williams gained entry into the event as an alternative (reserve) and surfed her way to the final with solid performances without drawing too much attention from the media or her opponents. Her win will see Ella gain a wildcard entry into the 2014 Prime Events which will give her the maximum chance to gain enough points to secure a place on the ASP World Championship Tour.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast for this weekend.

The world's best surfers all head to Hawaii for the final contests of the year.

High tide on Saturday 2nd November is at 9.30am and on Sunday 3rd November at 10.10am.
We have more onshore winds for the weekend but with morning tides the best surf on both days will be from dawn until noon. For beginner and intermediate surfers there will be the reforms out in front of the Piha Surf Club while advanced surfers may find waves early out on the outside bar and in the cove.
Tip:When surfing reforms, try surfing a larger board than normal and use the time to develop your technique. Speak to your Piha Surf School instructor for further tips.

After School Classes for Beginner and Intermediate Surfers.

Piha Beach has many different conditions and breaks.

After school lessons are brilliant for students who want to develop all round surfing skills
Attending classes at Piha on a weekly basis means students will get high tide conditions one week and low tide conditions the next. There are always safe areas for students of all abilities to learn and when we get one of the few days a year when the surf is not great for lessons, we train in the car park on specialist skateboards to further develop technique and style. Enquire now about our term rates and holiday programs

Auckland Surfing Forecast - Piha 26th/27th and 28th October 2013.

Mick Fanning leads the ratings in the 2013 World Title race going into the final event.

Labour Weekend high tides are: Saturday 3.20pm, Sunday 4.40pm and Monday at 5.50pm.
The onshore winds over the weekend offer advanced surfers limited options with Saturday morning looking the best. For beginner and intermediate surfers, Piha Beach will, as always provide fun reforms on the inside from noon onwards each day. For more guidance on which part of the beach will be best at which tide, book a lesson now and understand how the currents operate at Piha. Progress so you can have fun training and improving on your own every day.
Tip:When catching reform waves, ensure your board is pointing straight towards the beach as you paddle so that you have maximum speed for your jump up.

Tuberiding Technique.

Being inside the tube is still one of the greatest feelings in surfing.

Mikala Jones uses a Go Pro camera to give a unique view from inside the tube.
Piha Surf School coaches all levels including advanced surfers wanting to perfect aerials or improve their tube riding. Piha Surf School also has training programs to improve fitness and flexibility.

Auckland Surfing Forecast 19th and 20th October 2013.

The 2013 World Title could be decided in Portugal this weekend.

On Saturday high tide at Piha Beach will be at 10.40am and on Sunday at 11.20am.
With 10 knot westerlie winds on Saturday and a 2.5 metre swell, the best time for beginner and intermediate surfers will be from 6am until 1pm while on Sunday there is a good chance for advanced surfers to get some good waves out on the outside bar with the shift to light southerlie winds throughout the day.
Tip:During the hours of high tide, the safest place for beginners will be straight in front of the Piha Surf Club. Keep checking the beach to be aware of where you are in the water.

Mick Fanning Leads the Ratings Going into the Penultimate Event for 2013.

Day one highlights from the Rip Curl Pro.

Australia's Mick Fanning leads the 2013 World Title race going into the 2nd to last contest of the year in Portugal. 11 times World Champ, Kelly Slater is in 2nd position and will need to finish at least 3rd or higher if Mick Fanning wins, for the World Title race to be decided in Hawaii.
South Africa's Jordy Smith and Aussies, Taj Burrow and Joel Parkinson have outside chances to win the World Title but will need Mick Fanning to falter in both of the final two events to still have a chance.

Winter Surf Lessons for Beginners.

Auckland' moderate climate makes winter a great time to learn to surf.

Piha is only 45 minutes from downtown Auckland and on the edge of national forest.
Winter surf lessons can mean having no crowds on the beach or in the water and some fantastic rainbows and cloud formations in the sky. Piha Beach has a protected area for lessons that is free from rips or currents and perfect for beginners to learn to surf. Piha Surf School instructors have unique coaching techniques that will get you up and surfing to the beach faster.

Hawaii's Carissa Moore (21) is the 2013 Women's World Champion. (October 5th 2013)

Carissa winning her 4th event for 2013 and clinching her 2nd World Title.

Carissa Moore has defeated Australia's Sally Fitzgibbons, to win the EDP Cascais Girls Pro in Portugal.
2011 and now 2013 World Champ, Carissa Moore proved her class by winning a 4th elite level contest for the year in difficult conditions at Guincho Beach, Portugal. Runner up Sally Fitzgibbons gifted the World Title to Moore after she had defeated fellow Aussie, Tyler Wright (19) in the quarter finals of the event, in one of the closest ever Women's World Title battles ever.

Surfing Forecast for Piha 28th and 29th September 2013.

Women's surfing is improving fast through better coaching and training techniques.

High tide this Saturday is at 4.30pm and on Sunday at 5.30pm.
We have a 2.5m swell running this weekend and onshore winds which will provide limited opportunities for advanced surfers. For intermediate and beginner surfers, there will be some great fun on the inside reform waves from 12.30pm on Saturday and 1.30pm on Sunday, right through until dark. The extra power in the small inside waves will give great speed in your rides.
Tip:Keep at least 50 metres from the rocks at either end of the beach and keep checking the shoreline so that you can see whether the current is moving you either way.

Wave Forecast at Piha this weekend.

Piha Surf School students work on their poise and style on waves so that they have more fun.

High tide on Saturday 21st September will be at 10.40am and on Sunday 22nd at 11.20am
Saturday looks great with offshore northerly winds and a 1m swell. This will mean lots of good surf for all levels at both Piha and North Piha beaches. The morning will be best and then the same again on Sunday with a swell increase to 2 metres and the wind moving more to the northwest after lunch.The best time for beginners at Piha Beach on Sunday will be from 8am through until 2.30pm.

Australia's Taj Burrow wins 7th event on the 2013 World Championship Tour.

Highlights from the final day of 2013 Hurley Pro in Southern California.

Taj Burrows defeated fellow Australian Julian Wilson in an epic duel in 1m waves at Trestles Point.
The 35 year old veteran won his 12th victory on the elite World Championship Tour by defeating his 24 year old fellow countryman in a contest where the lead changed several times. Taj Burrow was the form surfer all event in the small perfect waves and kept his composure while World Title contenders Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, and Mick Fanning faltered. Burrows win has elevated himself up to 4th on the 2013 World Tour ratings.

Surf Forecast for Piha Beach - Saturday 14th September and Sunday 15th September 2013.

Piha Surf School students after their lesson.

Saturday's high tide will be at 5.10pm while on Sunday high tide will be at dawn and 6.22pm (sunset).
On both days the best time for beginner and intermediate surfers will be from 2pm through until dark. There will be opportunity to catch waves on the inside by Lion Rock. For advanced surfers the best time would be at dawn through until 10am in the cove and on the outside bar.
Tip: Practice moving your front foot a little bit further forward on your board as soon as you get up to gain more speed quickly.

Surf Forecast for Piha Beach, New Zealand.

Piha with the iconic Lion Rock sillouette at sunset.

High tide on Saturday 7th September is at 10.40am and on Sunday 8th September at 11.20am.
The morning high tides means beginners will get their best waves from dawn until around 1pm between the surf club and Lion Rock. For advanced surfers there is a chance they will get some fun waves on the outside banks on Saturday and then again on Sunday first thing, before the swell starts to increase.
Tip:Take two markers on the beach, one behind the other so you can always tell your position on the beach and if you are being affected by any cross current.

Great Surf Forecast for Piha this Weekend. (31st August)

Women's number one surfer, Carissa Moore (Haw), surfing in the 2013 US Open.

On Saturday 31st August, high tides are at 6am and 6.20pm. On Sunday 1st September, the high tide is at 7am.
With a 1.5m swell and north east winds predicted for both days, the surf could be very good at Piha Beach to welcome the official beginning of spring. The best times for all levels of surfers will be from dawn to 10am in the mornings and from 3pm onwards. There is also the possibility that the outside bar could get very good for advanced surfers during the middle of the day on the low tide.
Tip:With offshore winds always be aware that your board can blow back at you when you fall off.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast for 24th and 25th August 2013.

Kelly Slater (41) is back on top of the 2013 World Tour ratings at the half way point.

High tide on Saturday 24th of August is at 12.30pm and on Sunday 25th at 1.15pm.
Saturday will have clean offshore 1 to 1.5m waves, while Sunday will be slightly onhore but will be small enough to still offer some fun for surfers of all abilities. The best time for beginner and intermediate surfers on both days will be from 8am until 3pm. Advanced surfers should enjoy good waves all day Saturday and up until 3pm on Sunday.

Adrian Buchan (Australia) Wins 2013 Billabong Pro in Tahiti.

Final day highlights from Tahiti.

30 year old Australian, Adrian Buchan, has beaten the world's best at the world's most exciting contest to win his 2nd World Tour win of his career. Adrian (Ace) Buchan's last win was right back in 2008 in France. His clinical surfing and precision tube riding in Tahiti this year helped him beat world title contenders Jordy Smith (SAF), John Florence (HAW), and Mick Fanning (Aus), before going on to beat Kelly Slater (USA) in the final. The win has taken Adrian Buchan up to 10 place on the World Championship Tour rankings.

New Zealand Surfing Legend Allan Byrne(62) Dies In Bali. (8th August 2013)

Allan Byrne still tow surfed into his 60's.

Kiwi surf legend Al Byrne died in Bali after complication from a motorcycle accident.
Al was undoubtedly one of New Zealand's best surfers ever after placing 2nd at the 1981 Pipeline Masters contest in Hawaii. Not only did he prove he was equal, if not better than the world's best in his day, but he also went on to be one of the world's most respected surfboard designers. Al had won 13 differing NZ surfing titles before moving to Australia's Gold Coast in 1977 and gaining international recognition in all levels of surfing. Al is survived by his wife, Jayne, and sons, Jamie, Matt and Michael.

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