Piha Beach is the safest beach on Auckland's west coast and has great waves for learning to surf in an area free of rips or currents. Our instructors are internationally qualified, lifeguard trained and have achieved to the highest level in NZ competitive surfing. With unique techniques we will help you catch more waves and stand up more often so that you have more fun during your lesson.

We are a 'quality rather than quantity' surf school.
We have smaller classes so that you improve faster.

Surf Forecast for Piha Beach this weekend. (5th/6th September 2015)

Students from the NZ Institute of Sport learn to surf with Piha Surf School.

High tide this Saturday is at 2.40pm and on Sunday at 3.50pm.
The wind will be onshore this weekend but luckily we have just a moderate swell and mid afternoon high tides which will provide fun reform waves for beginner and intermediate surfers from 11am through until dark each day.
Tip:Use these weekends to get some extra technique practice in, and raise your fitness level before summer comes.

Surf Lessons at Piha this weekend. (22nd/23rd August)

Our instructor surfing the outside bar at Piha.

Saturday's high tide is at 2.35pm and on Sunday at 3.40pm.
We finally have a perfect forecast for this weekend with a 1.5m swell and perfect 10 knot offshore winds. For advanced surfers there is the potential for world class waves at North Piha Beach while beginner and intermediate surfers will have sunny perfect waves on the inside at Piha Beach from 10.30am through until 5.30pm both days.
Tip:It is time to put into practice all the technique work you have done. Please watch out for your board blowing back at you with the offshore winds when you finish your rides.

Piha Surfing Forecast. (15th and 16th August)

The Tahiti Pro starts this weekend. Check it out at 'World Surf League'.

Saturday's high tide is at 10.15am and Sunday's is at 10.45am.
There is a 2.5 metre swell this weekend with slight onshore winds on Saturday but turning offshore around lunch on Sunday. The morning high tides meand there will be great waves for surfers of all levels from dawn until around 2pm. Advanced surfers may enjoy some world class waves on the outside bar on Sunday afternoon once the wind has fully turned.
Tip: Adey's Place (by the Surf Club) will have hot chips and burgers ready to fill and warm you after your surf.

5 Reasons to Choose Piha Surf School.

Get coached by a champion surfer who knows the best places to surf at Piha Beach.

Piha Surf School has:

1. NZ Champion surfers for instructors.
2. Better learning techniques.
3. Better knowledge of Piha Beach so that you get the best results for your money.
4. Better equipment so that you can progress from beginner to intermediate level faster.
5. Piha Beach is the safest beach on Auckland's west coast and due to consistent waves, is one of the best and most picturesque places in the world to learn to surf.

Piha Beach Surfing Forecast For This Weekend. (1st and 2nd August)

Here is a Six year old Piha Surf School student surfing Australia's famous Snapper Rocks last week.

High tide on Saturday is at 10.15am and on Sunday at 11am.
We have a 2 metre swell with light to moderate onshore winds forecast for this weekend. That means the best waves will be reforms by Lion Rock from dawn until 2pm.
Tip:Use a slightly bigger board when surfing the reforms so you can perfect your jump up and foot placements in waves that give you more time for perfecting your technique.

Piha Surf Forecast (Weekend of 25th/26th July)

Perfect technique leads to perfect results.

Saturday's high tide is at 4.20pm and Sunday's is at 5.15pm.
This weekend looks to have the best winter conditions for some time with a small 1 metre swell and offshore winds. Advanced and intermediate surfers will find good waves all day while beginner surfers will find the best opportunities during both afternoons from 1pm.
Tip:Being comfortable in the surf is important so if you need advice on what wetsuit to buy or where to get your old suit repaired, speak to one of our instructors.

Piha Beach Surfing Forecast. (Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st June)

Australia's Owen Wright winning the lastest WSL event in Fiji.

High tide on Saturday is at 12.15pm and on Sunday at 1pm.
We have some offshore winds on Saturday and then the wind turning southwest on Sunday. Advanced surfers may prefer Saturday morning while beginner and intermediate surfers will have great surf on the inside reforms from 9am through until 3pm both days.
Tip:This weekend we have the shortest day/longest night of the year. It means get your head warm after surfing and look forward to the days getting longer again next week.

Winter Surf Lessons for Beginners.

Auckland's moderate climate makes winter a great time to learn to surf.

Piha is only 40 minutes from downtown Auckland and on the edge of national forest.
Winter surf lessons can mean having no crowds on the beach or in the water and some fantastic rainbows and cloud formations in the sky. Piha Beach has a protected area for lessons that is free from rips or currents and perfect for beginners to learn to surf. Piha Surf School instructors have unique coaching techniques that will get you up and surfing to the beach faster.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast - Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th June.

Piha can video lessons using high definition cameras.

The high tide on Saturday will be at 7am. On Sunday at 7.50m.
We have a solid 2+ metre swell running past this weekend so the best waves will be in the reform between the Piha Surf Club and Lion Rock from dawn until 10am each morning and from 3.30pm until dark each afternoon. It will be a great weekend for practicing basic techniques and catching a large quantity of waves to practice on.
Tip:With the shortest day of the year just a week away, hit the Piha Cafe for good food and a friendly place to warm up after your surf.

surf Forecast For Piha Beach This Weekend. (6th and 7th June)

Piha Surf School instructor enjoying waves at the World Surfing Champs in Nicaragua.

High tides at Piha Beach this weekend will be at 12.15pm on Saturday and at 1.10pm on Sunday.
The best time for beginner and intermediate surfers this weekend will be from 8.30am through until 3pm both days while advanced surfers will find some fun waves all day Saturday with the small 1-1.5m swell and light onshore winds. The wind will increase on Sunday but that will suit the lesser experienced surfers who will find great reform waves for practicing jump ups and feet positioning.
Tip: Try trimming your balance hand on the wave as you ride to the beach to give you better control and body position.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast for Queen's Birthday Weekend. (30th/31st May and 1st June)

Winter sunsets after surfing are a higlight at this time of year.

Saturday's high tide is at 7.25am. Sunday at 8.05am and on Monday at 8.45am.
This long weekend has a fantastic forecast with offshore winds and a moderate swell running. This means there will be great waves for surfers of all levels. For beginners and intermediate surfers the best times will be from dawn until 10.30am each morning and from 4pm each afternoon. For advanced surfers there will be opportunities for world class waves on all tides.
Tip:To stay warm in winter, run back up to your car from the water's edge as fast as you can so that your body warms from within before you get dressed.

Learn to surf with New Zealand's top instructors at Piha Beach.

Camilla Andersen learns to surf at Piha Surf School.

Leading Piha Surf School instructor, Zen Wallis teaches Camilla Andersen to surf. Zen has coached people of all ages and from all over the world. He is a top competitive surfer having won a National Surfing Title and represented New Zealand several times in both shortboard and longboard divisions. He is also the 2013 Auckland Surfing Champ and is recognised as the fittest and most capable surfer in Piha waters. Camilla is an Auckland born travel presenter who is quite famous in the United Kingdom and Europe. This video is part of a series where she returns to New Zealand to film features on our top tourism activities for The Travel Channel.

Piha Surf Forecast For This Weekend. (23rd/24th May)

Filipe Toledo (Brazil) showing the move that won him the Rio de Janeiro Pro.

High tide on Saturday is at 1.30pm and on Sunday at 2.15pm
We have a 2.5 metre swell running and with offshore winds on Saturday there could be some world class waves for advanced surfers. For beginner and intermediate surfers, there will be reform waves for practicing technique in the area between the Piha Surf Club and Lion Rock from 9.30pm to 4pm both days
Tip: Ask your Piha Surf School instructor for some drills to help you improve faster.

Leading Piha Surf School Instructor Is Off To World Surfing Champs.

Zen after a training session at Raglan's Manu Bay.

Zen Wallis has featured in New Zealand Surfing Teams for each of the last three years.
The 2015 ISA World Surfing Games will be held in Nicaragua next month and Zen will be looking to do better than his 25th position he achieved last year. The event has over 20 countries sending their 6 person teams, (4 men, 2 women), to compete at the prestigious event that is in it's 51st year. While only 23 year's old, Zen's experience at these events will be invaluable to his fellow team members as they try to gain qualification into the China Cup in January next year.

Piha Beach Weekend Surf Forecast. (2nd/3rd May)

Some children learn to surf as soon as they can walk.

High tide on Saturday is at 8.40am and on Sunday at 9.15am
We have great conditions forecast for this weekend with light winds and a solid 2 metre swell. This will mean some great waves for intermediate and advanced surfers in the Cove from dawn until 11am while beginners will find fun reforms again between the surf club and Lion Rock.
Tip: For beginners in the reform waves, try jumping your front foot 10 cm further forward as soon as you have got to your feet so that you get a shot of speed to ensure you can ride your wave as far as possible.

Great Waves Forecast For Piha Beach This Weekend. (25/26 April)

Piha Surf School instructors surfing at Piha this week.

On Saturday we have high tide at 2.50pm and on Sunday at 3.55pm.
There will be perfect offshore winds this weekend and a 1.5 to 2 metre swell running which will mean some excellent waves especially for advanced surfers. For beginner and intermediate surfers there will be fun reforms in front of the surf club each day from 11am through until 4pm. The water is still warm so make the most of these fantastic autumn conditions.

Courtney Conlogue Wins At Margaret River.

Highlights of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro in Western Australia.

22 year old Californian surfer, Courtney Conlogue has beaten the world's best women to win the third event of the 2015 Women's World Title race.
Up against 2015 ratings leader, Carissa Moore (Haw) in the final, Conlogue has shown that she has the consistency to threaten for this year's world title. The win has promoted Conlogue to number 2 in the world rankings with the fourth event to be held in Rio de Janeiro next month.

Surf Report for Piha Beach this Weekend. (11th/12th April)

Piha Surf Instructor winning the South Island Champs Longboard Division last weekend.

High tides: Saturday 11th - 9.10am, Sunday 12th - 10am.

With great weather forecast, there will be fun waves for surfers of all abilities at Piha this weekend. The morning high tides mean that the best time for surfing will be from dawn until 1pm each day although advanced surfers may find some runners on the outside bar in the afternoon.

Tip:Make sure you wax your board before each surf and you can draw a circle with wax where your front foot goes. Remember your front foot should land in the same place as your heart is when you are paddling.

Ricardo Christie Beats World Ratings Leader.

Ricardo Christie pulling in on a wave so hollow it is called 'The Box'.

New Zealand's first surfer to contest the WSL World Title for over 13 years won his 2nd round heat at the Margaret River Pro in Western Australia today.
The Margaret River Pro is the 3rd event on the WSL World Tour which will decide the 2015 World Champ. In the super heavy barrels at The Box, Ricardo found the quality waves to outscore current ratings leader, Filippe Toledo (Bra) today. The win has meant Ricardo will now face Adriano de Souza in the 3rd round.

Piha Beach Easter Surf Report. (3rd to 6th April 2015)

Piha Surf School instructors set 'high' standards.

High tides this Easter weekend are: Friday 9.11am, Saturday 9.43am, Sunday 10.15am and Monday 10.50am

While the sand banks are not the greatest right now, the light winds forecast all weekend and morning tides will see great waves for all abilities from dawn until 1pm each day. For absolute beginners, stay between the Piha Surf Club and Lion Rock and if you have any doubts, contact a Piha Surf School instructor or lifeguard for advice.

Tip:With shifting peaks, it is good to count your waves to maintain a focus and keep a mental record of which waves you caught were you best ones.

Piha Beach Surfing Report. (21st and 22nd March 2015)

Piha Surf School instructors know the safest places to surf.

High tide on Saturday is at 10.20am and on Sunday at 11am.

We have great conditions forecast for this weekend with 1 - 1.5 metre waves and light offshore winds. The best time for beginner and intermediate surfers will be from dawn until 1pm both days while advanced surfers may find some world class banks at the surrounding beaches.

Tip:With great waves there may be some crowded days so it is important to play it safe, and remember to communicate clearly when you are catching your wave so that other surfers know to pull back.

First Event of the 2015 World Title Race is On.

Snapper Rocks is one of the best surf spots in Australia.

The first event for both the Women and Men chasing 2015 World Titles is on at Snapper Rocks in Australia:
The Quiksilver and Roxy Pro surfing contests are being run simultaneously on Australia's Gold Coast right now. The Men's tour has 11 events while the Women have 9 contests with both titles being decided in Hawaii in December. Both tours have a number of young hot shot surfers who will be trying to make their name against the seasoned campaigners like Kelly Slater, (11 World Titles), who is the eldest at 42 years of age. Many are saying this will be the most exciting year of all. Google World Surfing League to find out more.

Piha Surf Report for this Weekend. (28th February/1st March 2015)

Instructor Zen surfing a longboard during the 2015 NZ Surfing Champs.

This Saturday's high tides are at 6.40am and at 7.20pm. On Sunday the high tides are at 7.50am and 8.20pm.
Our golden summer continues. On both Saturday and Sunday we have very light winds and a 1 metre swell. The high tides will bring the best waves for all levels of surfing which means from dawn until 10am and from 4pm until dark will be the optimum times for surfing on both days.
Tip: With small surf, exact foot positioning is really important. Speak to an instructor for some drills you can practice to perfect your stance.

Piha Beach Surf Forecast. (Weekend of 21st/22nd February 2015)

Many great sunsets and great waves for improving your surfing at Piha this weekend.

High tide on Saturday is at 12.25pm and 1.10pm on Sunday.
There is another great surf forecast for this weekend. We have 1-1.5m waves and light offshore winds. Beginner and intermediate surfers will find fun waves between 8.30am and 2.30pm while advanced surfers, will again, have fun waves on all tides, depending on which part of the beach they choose to surf.
Tip: Speak to your Piha Surf School instructor for tips on which part of the beach will have the best waves for your ability.

Surf Forecast for Piha. (14th/15th February 2015)

Great technique and good equipment helps Piha Surf School students have a higher success rate.

Saturday's high tide is at 7.10pm and Sunday's high tides are at 7.40am and 8pm.
We have an excellent forecast for this weekend with offshore winds and at 1-1.5m swell running. Best times for beginners and intermediate surfers will be from dawn until 10.30am each morning and from 4pm until dark each afternoon. Advanced surfers will have great waves on all tides and may find some uncrowded breaks along North Piha Beach.
Tip: Put some extra work into your jump up technique on dry land so that you improve your success rate in the water. A good jump up helps all other aspects of your ride.

Advanced Surfers at Piha Beach, New Zealand..

This video features two of our instructors showing their local knowledge.

Advanced surfers paddle through a long cave to get out to the bar at Piha.
Piha Surf School instructors can guide you out through the 'keyhole' or show you how to use the rips safely to access the best waves. Please remember that using the 'Keyhole' and doing rock jumps are for advanced surfers or to do with an instructor. Surfing is about having fun and to have fun you need to be safe. If you are unsure of conditions or a situation, play it safe always. The best results always come from being cautious and staying within your limits.

Piha Waitangi Weekend Surf Forecast. (6th/7th/8th February 2015)

Oliver surfing with perfect technique after 4 lessons.

High tides this weekend are: Friday 12.15pm, Saturday 12.45pm and Sunday 1.20pm.
There will be a solid 2 metre swell running this weekend which will mean reform waves for beginner and intermediate surfers. The best time to surf will be from 8am to 2pm each day while advanced surfers may get some world class waves on Saturday morning with the light south-east wind.
On Monday the winds will be light onshore and should be super fun for surfers of all abilities.
Tip:With warm water temperatures at present, try surfing without a wetsuit to speed up your 'jump up' and overall surfing.

Best Time To Surf At Piha This Weekend. (24th/25th/26th January 2015)

An eight year old surfer enjoying the fantastic conditions at Piha this week.

High tides for this long weekend are: Saturday 1.25pm, Sunday 2.20pm and Monday 3.15pm.
We have optimum conditions forecast for this weekend which will give great waves for beginners and intermediate surfers from 10am through until 5pm all three afternoons. For advanced surfers we have world class waves on the outside bar that should create great rides all day.
Tip: Take a marker on the foreground at the beach and then a second marker in the background so that you are aware of where you are surfing at all times. If there is any sideways current taking you away from the best area that you can not outpaddle, return to the beach and walk back to where you want to surf.

Billy Stairmand Wins 4th NZ Surfing Title at Piha. 17th January 2015.

Raglan surfer, Billy Stairmand is the 2015 NZ Surfing Champ.

The 2015 NZ Surfing Champs concluded today with Billy Stairmand (24yrs) winning the premiere, Open Men's division.
Stairmand surfed incredibly throughout the event showing why he was on the verge of qualifying for the 2015 World Surfing League to compete against the world's best like Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning. Top Piha Surf School surfer, Tane Wallis finished in 4th place in the Open Men's division and 3rd in the Open Men's Longboard division.

Surf Lessons for all abilities.

Piha Surf School can structure lessons around the student's ability using years of experience with the local conditions.

Learning to surf can be one of the most natural and exhilerating activities.
When you book a lesson at Piha Surf School, your instuctor will quiz you on what experience you have and what you would like to get out of the lesson. Your instructor will then take you to the part of the beach that best suits your ability.

Surf Forecast for Piha this weekend. Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th January.

Lion Rock creates a sheltered bay that makes Piha the safest beach to learn to surf on Auckland's west coast.

High tide this Saturday is at 9.20am and on Sunday at 10.05am.
With morning high tides, a 1.5m swell and light winds, we have optimum conditions forecast for Piha this weekend. The best place for beginner surfers will be in front of the surf club from dawn until 12 noon, while intermediate surfers will find some small reform right handers in The Cove. Advanced surfers should be able to enjoy some waves on the outside bar.
Tip:Get your Piha Surf School instructor to show you techniques that will improve your surfing faster.

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