"Piha Surf School was great value for money, the instructor was really great, he knew how to get the best out of the local conditions and spent time with us in the water to help get us up and surfing in no time".
David (UK)

"We LOVED the surf lessons. It was the highlight of our hen’s trip to Piha and all the girls are still talking about it...
Our coach was a great character, easy to take instruction from, and we all really enjoyed the fact that we were out there in the surf after only a short lesson and practice on the sand.  Our lesson focused on learning the key bits that help you get up and enjoy a ride right from the start and that meant that we all got up on our first go! I thought the first lesson would be frustrating but instead we all had a fantastic time, getting up most times and sometimes even getting a big ride right into the beach. It was awesome! I couldn't believe my first time surfing was such fun. Thanks."
Sarah (Auckland, NZ)
"Having had lessons in OZ I would definitely recommend Piha Surf School. Our instructor was great and really helped me feel confident in the water. I can't believe I rode a wave all the way into the beach - it was awesome! And I'm still trying to practice my pop up in the living room! Thanks for a brill lesson."
Louise (UK)

"Our Piha Surf School instructor made surfing easy.  His enthusiasm and focus was infectious and we had an awesome day and learnt so much.  Having two people in the lesson was useful as you get the benefit of seeing what the other did well, or what they could change to get a better ride. We would definitely recommend Piha Surf School to anyone who has ever wanted to give surfing a go!."
Leah & Amber (Auckland, NZ)
"It was my first ever surf lesson. Our teacher was fantastic at giving clear advice, explaining his unique technique and safety aspects that you need to know when surfing. Our small group meant that he had time for everyone's individual needs, so we really got the most out of it and had loads of fun."
Kester (UK)

"Having never been on a surfboard in my life, it was wonderful to get the experience of standing on that board and surfing into shore at least a half dozen times during my 1,5 hour lesson. The instructor was nothing but positive and encouraging throughout, and fully engaged with giving me the best experience possible. Although frankly exhausted at the end of the lesson, I was also elated, pumped full of endorphins and excited about the possibility of starting the next lesson where we'd left off." Meg, (Titirangi, NZ)

"The Piha Surf School was brilliant! Our instructor was very knowledgable and experienced and made the lesson both enjoyable and rewarding. He has a whole bunch of techniques to get you on that first wave and surfing in no time. His advice and support in the water was top-notch and it proved to be a really fun day out for my group. I have no hesitation in recommending the Piha Surf School to anyone who wants to surf. Give it a crack!"
Matt (Scotland ex-Auckland)

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